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Thomas The Model Adventures

Thomas The Model Adventures has been around seen late 2006, and follows the stories and adventures of that cheeky little blue tank engine.

The series has gone through 4 complete seasons over the years, as well as some short specials and "Mini-Movies." But the biggest project of the model series will be the movie, coming in the Autumn of 2011, celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the debut.

As well as the characters from the Thomas TV Show, several fan-made characters have been introduced, including Jeffery, Rebecca, Taro and Wheezer.

TTMA And TMF Easter Special


The Updates Section:
The TTMA Movie minisite has been opened- details on the movie, along with photographs and promotional shots, are available for viewing.
It is unlikely this site will see much more activity until season 5 starts- it is not sure when this will be yet.

Featured video changed.
Character's page changed and all season 4 episodes linked to on series page.
Specials page links added.
A subsite for the TTMA Movie and 5th Anniversary is being set up.

It has been a while since anything was done on the site. The featured video has been changed and the text on the home page modified. Some other changes in preparation for the 5th Anniversary and movie will soon be made.

Featured Video changed. Links added in season 4 and season 2 pages.
Featured Video changed to show the new episode of the 4th Season. Link added in the listing page

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